February 2020 | HERPES GENITALIS - HSV-2

What is it?

Usually, the pathogen HSV-2 is responsible for genital herpes and HSV-1 is for oral herpes. But sometimes, for some reason, the virus for oral herpes ends up on the genitals or the other way around. Normally the results are “only” little blisters, and often only once. They can, however, lead to other diseases with all sorts of outcomes ranging from eczema to death. Genital herpes is more harmless: It prickles and itches around the crotch, with highly contagious blisters. These come and go. And that’s it usually.

Who has it?

20 to 60 percent of Germans carry the HSV-2 in them.

What to do?

No sex when an outbreak is coming on, that’s when people are contagious. And no sex until the outbreak is completely healed! Apart from that, salves and pills can help. By the way, the effectiveness of home remedies such as tee-tree oil, tooth paste, honey, etc. has never been scientifically proven. Also: Once you’ve contracted herpes, you have the virus for life.

What else do I not want to know?

The first outbreak of herpes is the worst. With each subsequent outbreak, the symptoms become weaker and weaker.