What is it?

These are parasitic protozoans that like to nest in the urethra. Men usually don’t notice them at all; sometimes they suffer from inflammation of the urethra. 80 percent of women also don’t notice anything in the beginning. Then inflammation occurs, usually in the urethra, sometimes in the bladder and the uterus as well, along with purulent discharge.

Who has it?

With over 170 million new infections per year, this illness is one of the most common STDs. Men are the main carriers since they normally don’t know they have it.

What to do?

Take antibiotics.

What else do I not want to know?

In her studies, researcher Terri Conely found that couples in open relationships have fewer STDs than couples in monogamous relationships. How can that be? ⅓ of people in “monogamous” relationships are unfaithful, and they don’t use protection.