What is it?

Inflammation of the urethra. It can be caused by many things, the majority of which are related to having unprotected sex, but right now, we’ll be talking about the bacterium Mycoplasma genitalium, which has been relatively unknown up until now. The problem is that it is often mistaken for chlamydia and therefore not treated correctly. Prescribing the wrong antibiotics enables the bacterium to develop a resistance and become even stronger. It doesn’t get rid of the painful inflammation of the urethra either.

Who has it?

Nobody knows exactly. British researchers now assume that infections with mycoplasma genitalium are about as common as chlamydia.

What to do?

Antibiotics – but the right ones. Doctors often mistakenly prescribe patients with urethritis medication for chlamydia just because that’s so common.

What else do I not want to know?

Mykoplasma are also found in the genital areas of healthy people. That’s completely normal. They start causing trouble when they are pushed into the urethra during sex. That’s because they don’t belong there.